Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Nov 29, 2007

Extra Rock Band guitar will set you back $125

Strat price

We’ve been spending a lot of time playing Rock Band here at GamerFront. Thankfully none of our instruments have had any of the issues that other people have been reporting. We’re also all pretty happy that we got a copy of the game for the Xbox 360, rather than the PS3.

No, it’s not that we hate the PS3, it’s that we don’t have to worry about having a spare guitar around. . As any of you with a PS3 likely already know, the Fender Stratocaster is currently the only guitar controller that works with the game. Those rocking out on the Xbox 360 still have the choice of using a Les Paul or X-plorer (or a modified SG, but that’s a story for a different day).

Since your controller options are limited, you’ll have to purchase two bundles (or hit up eBay) if you want to get the whole band together to play. Some of you might think you can beat the system by taking advantage of the warranty replacement program through EA, which will net you a brand new controller. That would be a great idea, but according to a the updated information on the site, failure to return a defective controller will cost you $125.

I’m not one to start a console war, but those of you that have both systems would do well to buy a bundle for the 360.


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