Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 23, 2008

Rock Band Weekly DLC – Rush Plus Extras

If you’ve been waiting around for Rush’s “Moving Pictures” album to get released for Rock Band, then today is your lucky day. But don’t worry, Harmonix isn’t going to skimp out on you, they already had other DLC lined up for this week, and they are still going to release it.

  • Rush “Tom Sawyer” (original version)
  • Rush “Red Barchetta”
  • Rush “YYZ”
  • Rush “Limelight” (original version)
  • Rush “The Camera Eye”
  • Rush “Witch Hunt”
  • Rush “Vital Signs”

The other six tracks don’t fit into any “packs”, so you’ll just have to fork over $2 per song.

  • Bad Religion “Sorrow”
  • The Cult “She Sells Sanctuary”
  • Hot Hot Heat “Bandages”
  • Kasabian “Shoot the Runner”
  • Sleater-Kinney “You’re No Rock N Roll Fun”
  • Stone Roses “Love Spreads”
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