Posted by Kat on Sep 10, 2008

The Weighted Companion Cube Subwoofer


Anyone who still has the thought that gamers are a bunch of lazy bums who just sit and play games all day would only have to take a look at the number of game inspired mods to know that’s myth. This latest mod took several months to complete. The Weighted Companion Cube has now been modded into a subwoofer. Soon the modder, d_stilgar, will actually be creating two Portal inspired speakers to match the Companion Cube. Although sadly, he’s not telling what they’ll look like just yet. More pics after the jump.


This Companion Cube not only looks cool with the lights on, but once you shut off the lights you’ll notice that he threw in some pretty pink EL lighting. The subwoofer weighs a whopping 40lbs. Like all awesome modders he posted everything he did to create the subwoofer online. So if you’d like to try to do the mod yourself, there are plenty of step by step directions here.



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