Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 29, 2008

Blizzard Reports Over 11 Million Active WoW Subscribers

Yesterday we informed you that Blizzard was opening up several servers for free character transfers. If it weren’t already blatantly obvious, they had to do this because the game is still attracting thousands of new gamers all the time. In fact, the company has just announced that they now have over 11 million active users in World of Warcraft.

While it has taken them nearly nine months to jump from 10 to 11 million subscribers, I doubt it will take quite so long to hit 12. First, we’ve got a new expansion hitting stores next month, which will likely attract new players, as well as entice those who’ve kicked the habit to once again lose themselves in the world of Azeroth. Then of course you have the holiday season which is fast approaching. With those two elements working together, I’d be surprised if we didn’t hear another announcement before spring.


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