Posted by Kat on Oct 13, 2008

NES And Sega Genesis Controllers Modded For USB

Etsy is always a great spot to find handmade stuff, even modified electronics. The seller Echostatic has two controllers up for sale that have been modified so that they will work on your computer. They modded the classic NES controller and the Sega Genesis controller. They both plug in via USB and will work on both a PC and a Mac. They have even been tested and work fine with Linux as well.

The NES controller has one extra trick up its sleeve. If you press a particular series of buttons, the NES can then be used as a mouse. Sadly the Genesis controller doesn’t have the same perk, but it does come with a free zombie. There are three Genesis controllers in stock and are sold for $35 a piece. Sadly there is only one NES controller in stock as of now, so you’ll have to move fast. It’s being sold for $33.

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