Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 31, 2008

Portal: Still Alive An Exception To The XBLA Size Limit

When Portal: Still Alive recently debuted on the Xbox Live Arcade, we were surprised to see the rather large file size of 629MB. Granted, that isn’t very large when compared to your average PC game, but when you consider the fact that Microsoft has a maximum game size of 350MB on XBLA, it’s quite large. So the question then became whether this was an exception to the rule, or if they had upped the limit. Microsoft has finally responded to this, stating that it is an exception to the rule.

“We have set file limits as a general guideline. An important part of Xbox LIVE Arcade is easy access and keeping file size down is a vital part of that. Equally important is offering titles with superior game play. We weigh both considerations on a case-by-case basis, and will make exceptions when it makes sense to ensure the best customer experience.”

So, the limit is 350MB, unless you are a company like Valve, who is trying to release a huge hit title like Portal onto their console. Got it.


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