Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Nov 14, 2008

Blizzard Is Working On Cool, New And Different MMO

Surely you’re not already tired of Wrath of the Lich King, since it did only just come out yesterday. However, if you’re already itching for something new and improved from Blizzard, you’ll be happy to know that they are hard at work on a new MMO. This has been known for a little while now, but we are finally getting some of the juicy details. Blizzard COO Paul Sams has given us a brief look into just what they are doing. Check out his full quote after the jump.

We want to create a great game… Something that’s cool, and new, and different, and kind of next generation in terms of look and feel and gameplay. That’s a challenging endeavour…We’re definitely at the beginning, in the first half of development… [Eds Note: Blizzard’s development is two part.]

When we’re building a new game from the ground up, what happens is that it’s slow going for the first bit, while the team goes round and round and round figuring out how it’s going to look and feel, what the player experience is and what the differentiators are, and then the speed at which we then bring in the content and polish and actually get to the finish line… I think the second half of the process is always substantially faster than the first half of product development.

For us, we want to make sure that the gameplay and the experience that the players are going to have is fleshed out quite a bit… The last thing we want to do is say, ‘Hey we’re doing this,’ and everyone says, ‘Oh cool,’ and then we change things completely. We want to have a level of confidence that the direction we’re going in the right one, and that it’s polished enough to be able to show something, also. And we’re not in either of those places yet.

This is one of those quotes that really makes me wonder why he bothered to said anything at all. The MMO is going to be “cool, and new, and different”, as opposed to one that’s “shitty, old and the same”. I’m glad he spelled that out for us, I was a little worried. Oh, and if you don’t feel like reading the second and third paragraphs, he basically told us that they’re working on it, and it’ll be a while.


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