Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Dec 16, 2008

Microsoft Lets You “Free Your Avatar”

The NXE brought us Mii’s Avatars, which I haven’t really done a whole lot with to be honest. I spent roughly 5 minutes setting mine up the first day and haven’t touched it since. However, Microsoft has given us a good reason to put a little extra effort into your creation. You can now “Free Your Avatar”, which basically means that you can create an image of your avatar, complete with text and a background to download to your computer. This is a cool way to make a new profile image for Facebook or Myspace.

Of course the real fun comes when you realize that you can put in anyone’s gamertag and make a picture. This means that you can make a pic of your “crew” (if you don’t have any friends, they have generic ones that you can choose from). Of course you’ll have those immature people that will take your pic and add something rather childish just above your avatar.

Unfortunately at the moment you’ll have to head over to the European Xbox Live site, as it’s not up here in the US. Don’t worry though, you can still pull US Gamertags for your pics.


Written by Chris Scott Barr

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