Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Dec 2, 2008

New Xbox 360 Arcades Shipping With Internal Memory

With the New Xbox Experience requiring that your console have at least 128MB of free space, that leaves owners of new Arcade models in a bit of a jam. Sure, Microsoft was nice and offered up free memory cards and cheap hard drives to owners of older Core systems, but do new console owners have to use up a portion of their memory card for this dashboard update? Apparently not.

Without any great fanfare, Microsoft quietly upgraded the internals of the new Arcade model. While so far this doesn’t seem to have included the new Jasper chipset, it does include 256MB of internal storage. Unfortunately this does replace the usual memory card that is usually shipped with the console. I suppose this is really for the better, since if you were to for some reason remove and lose that memory card (which contained the data for your dashboard update) you’d probably be in a world of hurt.


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