Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Dec 2, 2008

Rumor – LEGO Harry Potter Game In Development

I still haven’t gotten around to playing LEGO Batman, but I loved the Star Wars and Indiana Jones games. I don’t know if it’s the nostalgia of those little bricks, or the love of the movies they are based on, but I can’t seem to get enough of them. Well according to the latest rumors, we may have another successful franchise turned into a LEGO game. This time around, it’s Harry Potter.

I can’t actually say that this is surprising in the least. First, Harry Potter is still huge, and will likely remain so for many years to come. Not to mention the fact that there have been LEGO Harry Potter sets available for some time. Aside from naming Warner Bros. Interactive as the publisher, there really aren’t any other details to go along with this rumor.


Written by Chris Scott Barr

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