Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Dec 9, 2008

WAR Creators To Reward Top Players With Character Statues

In my trips around the world of Azeroth I’ve come across many statues depicting various heroes in the land. Most of them I know to have some sort of great backstory in the Warcraft lore, but sometimes I’ve thought it would be cool to see a statue of a real in-game player standing tall just outside of Stormwind. While I’m not likely to see that happen any time soon in WoW, those playing WAR will get just that.

Mythic has decided to reward the top 10 players on each realm by placing statues of them in the main city centers. They haven’t released a lot of specifics about the statues just yet, but we do know that they will not be permanent, as you can be knocked off of your top spot, and thus have your statue replaced. I think this is a rather unique reward for hardcore gamers, and certainly adds in a feeling like one’s individual character really can make a difference in the game.


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