Posted by Eric.Barr on Apr 10, 2009

D&D Co-Founder Dave Arneson Passes Away

Looking at gaming through the years, I really doubt that the industry would be what it is today without Dungeons & Dragons. Almost all of the RPGs out there can trace their roots back to the classic tabletop game, whether it be the turn-by-turn combat system, or pure inspiration. I’ll admit to rolling the die on more than a few long nights. Well my friends, today is a sad day. Dave Arneson, co-creator of D&D has passed away.

Last year we lost Gary Gygax, and now Arneson is gone as well. In some ways you could say that the two were the fathers of gaming as we know it. While it is sad to see them pass, their legacy will not soon be forgotten. Gygax’s GenCon still lives on, and Dungeons & Dragons is currently in its 4th generation of rules, and still has a vast following. So if you have a spare moment, dust off that old d20 and give it a good roll for them.


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