Posted by Kat on Apr 9, 2009

Latex World of Warcraft masks and kits

Although it’s a little early for Halloween, perhaps you can skip the Easter Bunny costume and go straight for a Tauren mask.  I’m sure the kids won’t mind in the least bit.  You could also keep these around for any gaming conventions you might be hitting up.  For the most part the masks are Horde masks, but there is one small costume item for the Alliance.  They offer an Orc Mask ($49.99), a Tauren Mask ($142), a kit for the Undead ($24.99) and prosthetic Blood Elf ears ($14.99).  The one and only Alliance accessory being sold at this particular vendor are a set of Night Elf latex ears.  They come in a very ugly dark purple for $14.99.  All of the items are made out of latex.  As of now the Tauren mask and Blood Elf ears are completely out of stock.  Once they do come back though, you can pick them up from Costumes Inc.

Source: Wonderland

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