Posted by Eric.Barr on Apr 15, 2009

Microsoft Offers Extended Warranty To “E74 Error” Victims

I think everyone is familiar with the Red Ring of Death on the 360. Hell, if you’ve owned a 360 for very long, you’ve probably experienced this wonderful sensation once or twice. Well lately there’s been a new issue plaguing owners of Microsoft’s current-gen console, simply called the E74 Error.

While the E74 Error doesn’t sound nearly as ominous as the RRoD, it has the same effect. It turns your 360 from a kick-ass gaming machine into a doorstop. Since you don’t get three flashing red lights, you aren’t covered under Microsoft’s extended 3-year warranty. Until now that is.

Microsoft has apparently been listening to their customers again and have decided to extend the 3-year RRoD warranty to include the E74 Error. Just head over to the official support page for the info. I have to commend Microsoft on this move, as I’ve been a bit worried that I’ll have a $200 brick sometime in the future. Wait, did I just commend them for offering to fix a widespread issue with their console that probably never should have happened in the first place? I must be going crazy in my old age.


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