Posted by Mike VanCleave on Apr 9, 2009

Review – Astro Tripper

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Last weekend I was feeling like playing something a little different and decided to check out PSN to see what was new.  I found an interesting title called “Astro Tripper” by PomPom Games.  This is an interesting take on a Defender style game.  There are 14 stages spread across 4 different worlds, and 3 difficulties. Your only goal blow up everything that isn’t you. There is a challenge mode that pits you against the various enemies of the game to see how long you can survive on a single life.

Trophies are supported and there are High Score Leaderboards for both the main game levels and the challenge mode. One fun option I found was support for playing music from your hard drive while playing the game.  While this isn’t anything new to 360 owners, I don’t have one personally so I enjoyed the opportunity and would like to see future titles with this option as well.  This was a fun game the controls are solid and the collision is spot on.  The graphics shine beautifully in 1080p with cool models and lots of fun partical effects.  The price is nice at just $5 so it’s hard not to suggest checking this one out. For those interested, there is also a PC version.

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