Posted by Brandon Meece on Aug 18, 2009

PS3 Price And Size On The Decline!!!

Yes it seems to be true that the PS3 is going through the same paces as the ps2 this week a steep price cut on the PS3 was announced.  As the picture below shows the 80GB version going for $299 and the 160GB version for $399.

But wait there’s more!  apparently the price cut is to make way for the sleeker new PS3 mini me!  Its not as shiny but some speculate the price to be even lower, with new features such as firmware 3.0. This model can also be be made vertical with the purchase of a stand.  The new model will have a Bravia Sync feature so it can be used with your Bravia TV remote.  One major bummer for some of you will be that there is no load OS feature so no LINUX for you.

Supplies of the soon to be old console are limited so that will make the fat version a slightly higher commodity then the new slim version in some ways and not as cool in others.  As a former Play Station fan boy I have the old school huge PS2 with network adapter, vertical stand, 4 player adapter, and hard drive tucked away in a closet and use my PS2 slim instead.  I guess I hoped it would be a collectors item one day.   The same could be said for this version as well.


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