Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 19, 2010

An Even Closer Look Through The Scope Of Killzone 3 Multiplayer Action

Just recently, Killzone 3 has exploded on to the scene with its new multiplayer debut. It’s literally loaded with tons of new features to the series, including three times as many character levels to unlock, five career paths, and breathtaking cut-scenes that show off the top player’s in-game pwnage.

When Killzone 3 ships in February, it will come supporting full 3D compatibility as well as use of the Playstation Move controller.

The team at Guerilla meticulously sifted through all of the multiplayer comments left by fans of Killzone 2 and came up with a list of things to add and envelop in this new shooter. The key goals for this title’s multiplayer were simple: create an experience that is very user-friendly, make the game more accessible to friends, and provide a “colossal immersive experience”, as stated by Martin Connor, Lead Multiplayer Desinger with the game’s developer.

One of the most important things tinkered with was the matchmaking system, being completely overhauled to send players into games faster, and more efficiently. The system adds a new dynamic spawning feature that keeps you closer to friends and the in-game action.

Also revamped in the game are the rewards system, taking it from the 15 ranks players can achieve in Killzone 2 to 45 in this title. The game includes over 100 newly added medals and a round-based ribbon system.Two new multiplayer modes join the front as well, a deathmatch-esque Guerilla Warfare mode and a story-driven Operations mode. And perhaps one of the most anticipated changes include ramping up the number of close-quarter melee kills.

This new title introduces five different career paths, each with six weapon and ability choices, and individual leveling. This expands the multiplayer aspect, as players will have to level each class individually to unlock weapons and abilities. The careers are marksman, engineer, medic, tactician, and infiltrator.

The all new multiplayer mode also unveils robotic suits, called Exoskeletons, and jetpacks. Connor explained that while designing the title’s new multiplayer levels, the team made sure to add and convey totally new environments in which to wage war. These include war-torn wastelands, frozen tundra, and areas eradicated by nuclear blast.

After the release of Killzone 2, a lot of players started complaining about a mysterious “float” to their weapons as they fire. This question was brought up during the multiplayer discussion and Connor elaborated a bit on the issue. He stated that the issue was, in part, due to a technical error that was soon resolved after the release of the second game, and continues to explain that the design team decided to leave a bit of the float in the game to show a sense of weight and realism. This issue is expanded upon in the new title, and once you get used to it, you barely notice it’s there.

The new classes show a lot of promise in their own abilities, such as scouting and marking areas for attack by friendly players, building and setting up sentry guns and robots, jamming enemy radars near the player, and sprinting faster. The medic does have quite an interesting ability called the mini drone. This essentially is a hovering robot that provides the medic class with cover fire and can even be upgraded to heal at times.

The new melee moves are what stun the most. They range from snapping an attacking enemy’s neck, to slitting the throat of another. There exists about eight total melee kills in the game, more including kicking an enemy to death, stabbing an enemy in the eye, gouging out an enemy’s eyes, and a silent kill from behind. Although it should be noted, that some of these may be changed and/or taken out by the time that the game releases.

At the end of the match in which you are playing, a cut-scene ensues showcasing the top ranked player. With this ability the game will spotlight, and hopefully motivate players to enjoy and play the game a lot more.

I don’t know about you, but I sure the Helghast am excited to see this game release in early 2011.


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