Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 20, 2010

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Opening Demo Screams Savage

At this year’s Gamescom expo in Cologne, we got to see a preview demo of Call of Duty: Black Ops’ opening gameplay. Needless to say it left us all stunned. The new title, set to release in November, has gained much hype among COD players around the world.

The Huong River, Vietnam. A splash explodes, sending aftershock echoes that shake you out of your blackened sleep. Opening your eyes, you see a helicopter cockpit anxiously flooding with water. Bullets rip through the cockpit’s windshield as what’s left of the chopper sinks down into the murky depths. “We’re going under!” screams an injured squad member just as his voice is muffled by the rising water.

Just when you feel like it’s the end already, you press a button to rip open the doors, letting more water flood in, swimming out as bullets penetrate your field of vision. Climbing up on a boat you surprise an enemy still unknowingly sneering at the water below, taking him hostage while using his rifle for protection. As you fire the rifle the camera pans to follow a bullet’s perspective in slow motion, granting us with the vision of the bullet tearing through the forehead of the last standing enemy. Your next move is to drop the body you were using as a meat shield, and plunge back into the depths.

Mere moments later it’s pouring rain and you find yourself sneaking into an enemy hold with a handful of the remaining squadmates. While moving silently, you watch as your team members knife enemy guards from behind. You peer around corners, looking for an enemy general while your squad whispers their best plan of action to you. Semtex is handed out like gifts on Christmas, and a course of action is put into motion. You follow one squad member into the murky depths once again and plant C4 near a standing dock. Quickly it’s back to the surface to slosh along the side of the closest building, hearing enemies whisper amongst themselves, completely unaware of your team’s presence. You stealthily slink through a window next to a sleeping enemy in a hammock. Not thinking twice you take your knife and slit the napping guard’s neck before he can awake from his dream now turned nightmare. The man in the adjacent room is killed while sitting as you sneak up and surprise him with a knife to the chest.

On into the jungle you can hear faint music. It seems to be coming from a small village below the treeline. You approach slowly upon the small village, as your squadmates appear out of the surrounding foliage. The attack is set off by a detonated charge on one of the buildings, and as quickly as the charge went off your vision is thick with bullets, chaos, and falling bodies. Enemies appear in doorways, firing rocket-propelled grenades as actual grenade shrapnel penetrates the smoke-filled air. Moving on through a clearing beyond the village, you spot a dock in the distance, along with a heavily fortified area seeming to shell an anti-air gun. Next to you on the ground happens to be a four-barreled rocket launcher. Thinking quickly, you pick up the launcher and send out rockets, crippling the gun as the fortification crumbles to the ground, sending enemies flying in all directions from the blast.

When the ash clears, the skies calm and a group of choppers soar in and drop off reinforcements. You continue on, firing through more houses and blasting apart machine gun nests along your way. From behind you a grenade is tossed in to clear some space. Darkness now encompasses the scene. You click on a flashlight and align it with the sights of your pistol. Enemies are slinking through the shadows here, and stab a squadmate right in your line of vision. Another friendly joins right up and gives the enemy what he deserves with a quick fistfight, leaving the enemy broken and bloody in a knee deep puddle of water. With a tired, yet determined look, he looks to you, requesting to go on ahead to face whatever dangers lie ahead, and the screen fades to black.

From this display of action, stealth, and savagery we can only expect Call of Duty: Black Ops to be the exploding title we have anticipated. So sit in, check your weapons,and strap up because it’s going to be a wild ride.


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