Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Aug 20, 2010

Review – Cyber Clean

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Here at GamerFront, we receive a lot of different products to review, some we expect: headphones, games, speakers, etc. Then there are times we get strange, yet awesome things that simply appear on our doorstep. This week, we received a small, squishy package. To see that it was a cleaning product meant that it was now under my obsessive-compulsive jurisdiction.

Going by the name of Cyber Clean, this squishy device comes out of Switzerland from the Joker Company. Meant for home and office, this product is supposed to disinfect and clean all the grime from hard to reach spots on electronics, in your car; wherever there’s a hard to reach crevice really. The best use I’ve found thus far is buttons; remember those chips you were eating and dropped into your keyboard and decided you would never retrieve? This is for you. And those of you who like things to be dust-free, this is a good alternative to buying thousands of cans of aerosol.

The contents of the 3”x4” bright yellow and green Ziploc package at first squish felt like very watered-down Jell-o, which was not exactly comforting. I was expecting to open the package and have a huge mess of liquid in the bottom to deal with if I tilted it the wrong way. However, I was pleased, and slightly disturbed to find that the contents were that of a type of fluid silly putty which smelled of lemon Pine-Sol and rubbing alcohol that was shaped very similarly to the package. Just so you know, the aroma is not unpleasant, just strange. After about five, (ok…maybe 15) minutes of playing with it, I put it to use on an old GamerFront keyboard. I was happy to find that it worked like magic! Simply by pressing the Cyber Clean down onto the keyboard and peeling it off, all the dirt, dust, and ick came up without losing any of the gooey substance under the keys.

It is exactly as advertised. Use it the way the directions say and you will have the cleanest buttons this side of the cosmos. If you try and use it like an eraser or on rough areas it will leave a little residue behind, but that’s only because it’s trying to latch onto things that shouldn’t be there (rough or jagged surface areas are not normal for buttons). It even works on super-sensitive LCD screens without leaving streaks, liquid, or residue. If you do decide to clean something that is sensitive to touch, make sure it is off and secured as you’ll need to apply a little pressure to get things off. I wiped a mess off of a flat screen monitor and now it looks like I bought some fancy chemical cleaner for it. It does have some moisture to it, but that’s just the disinfectant.

You do not need to clean the goo, as it is made to trap dirt and dust inside of it. When they say it’s not going to come out or get dirt on your hands, they really aren’t kidding. I tried to dig a larger crumb out of the neon yellow pile, and found that no matter how hard I tried, there was still some goo clinging to it. This made me feel safe to touch it, even when there’s dirt in there.

This slightly sticky lump can be ripped, pulled, stretched, whatever you want to do with it besides eat it really and will always pull itself back together. Note: do NOT eat this. It does have a pretty good lifespan, but because dirt goes in and doesn’t come out, after a while it starts to darken to a deeper shade green, which means you’ll probably want to replace it. It’s about five bucks to get one of these things, and can be sold in bulk. That is about the same price as a can of aerosol, but this isn’t going to send the dust flying everywhere. Admit it…you want to play with it, and you can’t do that safely with a can of aerosol now can you? This is an amazingly fun way to keep things clean and disinfected.

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