Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 16, 2010

Review – Grip-iTs

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Have you ever been playing an FPS online and found yourself in the midst of a gruesome shootout, only to lose that last kill for the killstreak because your thumbs slide off of your analog sticks? Personally, I would love to throw the controller out the window at that point. To most of us, gaming is a lifestyle – one that takes blood, sweat, and tears. Well, this week we received one of the newest additions to the “lets prevent that from ever costing me that match again” line of accessories.

Introducing Grip-iTs from CompuExpert! Grip-iTs are small rubber covers for the analog sticks of your 360 or PS3 controller. They come in a package of four (two for your 360, and two for your PS3), and the packaging is eco-friendly! These covers are lightweight, and surprisingly comfortable. They fit right over the top of each analog stick for your controller. Not only do they almost completely eliminate the sweat from your battle-focused gaming thumbs, but they also seem to help increase precision. I personally tested these out while playing Modern Warfare 2, and it felt like I was able to get to a hiding spot, snap behind a corner, then snap right out to get a couple shots off for an easy kill. The Grip-iTs fit comfortably on the 360 controller, and become a part of the controller itself, making for a better gaming experience.

The only problems I ran into while using the Grip-iTs were when I attempted to use them on the PS3 controller. The analog sticks on the controller are larger than the sticks on the 360 controller, thus making it difficult to apply them. I found myself fidgeting for almost fifteen minutes while trying to set them up on my controller. With the 360, I had them on in a matter of seconds. And once I finally got them on, they only lasted about a minute or so before they popped right off. The package comes with two pairs, different colors, but both pairs are the same size. This makes it difficult to use them with both controllers.

Also, with a price tag of $4.99, if you only own one of the two systems, you are paying for an extra set that you may not use. However, if you have a second controller, they may come in handy. You could also switch out the colors, or mix and match. This could possibly make up for the price, but chances are if you play a lot of online FPS’s then you will be playing single player.

Bottom line, the Grip-iTs from CompuExpert could help improve your gaming experience, or they could be a nuisance. If you are out and see them on the shelf, and if you have the five dollars to spend, they could be a great buy.  I could recommend them for 360 users, but for the PS3 users out there, you might just be better off sitting this one out.

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