Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 23, 2010

Left 4 Dead Expansion Puts Fate In The Players’ Hands

On Friday Valve announced The Sacrifice, which is a new expansion for the Left 4 Dead series that will be playable with both the first and second games.

The Sacrifice will be available this October, and it tells the story of the Left 4 D 2 expansion, The Passing, from the perspectives of the cast of the first game. You will see how they managed to meet up with the L4D2 cast and, at the end, will be able to decide the fate of the original cast members, in deciding who dies, rather than having Valve write it in themselves.

Along with this new chapter in the series, No Mercy – the first campaign taking place in the hospital from the first game – will be updated to include the L4D2 players who can then experience the campaign for themselves.

The expansion is designed to be compatible with both games, so if you only one one of the titles (as a lot of fans teetered on one or the other) then you will still be able to download and play this.

A digital comic will also be releasing starting next month intended to get everyone up to speed on the events of the entire saga. The Sacrifice will be free DLC on the PC and Mac, however it will be paid downloadable content for the Xbox 360.


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