Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 30, 2010

Newegg Offers New Wireless 360 Controller For A Nice $29.99

Newegg.com, one of the most revered online electronics retailers, is currently holding a sweet deal on the new wireless Xbox 360 controller (which happens to be the more glossy-looking one that comes with the new 360 “S”). The controller normally goes for $39.99, but the site is offering it for a marked-down price.

Now the controller doesn’t come with the rechargeable battery pack, but it does come with a couple of double A’s to power it up.

Still, though, it is a good deal. Even if you spend the $30 on the controller and went out to get the rechargeable pack and cord you’re still saving about $5, so it works out.

Get your own deal on here.


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