Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 25, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Game Rips Up The Playstation Network, Now For Xbox Live Arcade

Having seen the movie for Scott Pilgrim VS The World this past weekend, I have to say it was a great nerd-gasm of epic proportions. I knew the movie was based off of the comic/game with the same name, but I didn’t know it contained such nerdy goodness that it caused my brain to burst.

The movie was perfect, bursting with old school video game sound effects and 80’s-style graphics. The storyline is simple: Scott Pilgrim, our hero, falls in love with a beautiful girl named Ramona. Ramona has seven evil exes that Scott must defeat in order to have her heart. Sounds simple, right? The movie showcased Scott getting his rump handed to him plenty enough, but he also showed many useful superhero powers used in the butt-kicking action that took place for most of the film.

Earlier this month the Scott Pilgrim game was released on the Playstation Network and has been a top download for the full two weeks it has been out. The game takes the player on a spree of fist-fighting action throughout many intense levels. Up to four players can take part in the butt-kickery and it just so happens that there are four characters to choose from, including Ramona and Scott himself. Fans of old school beat-em-ups will surely appreciate this game. I personally played with eyes wide the whole time the controller was in my hands.

The game is already out on the PSN for $9.99, and as of today Xbox Live Arcade shall also host the title for 800 Microsoft points (roughly ten bucks). The game features a retro-pixel art style by Paul Robertson accompanied by music from old school rockers Anamanaguchi. Please do yourself a favor for the good of all nerds everywhere and download this game, and even see the film. Get your nerdy senses tingling!

For an added bonus, check out the trailer below!

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