Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Sep 29, 2010

Anime Crossroads 2010

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending a cozy little con called Anime Crossroads. Now when I say cozy, I mean about 1200 people. Those aren’t the final numbers, but it is only in its second year, and that is a pretty good attendance as is. One of the big questions for attending a con of this size is whether or not it’s worth the time. In regards to Anime Crossroads, I say absolutely!

Anyone with interest in Japanese culture and anime is bound to love this! There were several  special guests, panels, a maid café, manga library, the ever-present and always creative artist alley, and everyone’s favorite; cosplayers.

A smaller con such as this may not be as big or shiny as conventions such as GenCon or Anime Central, but it definitely has more connectivity between the con-goers and the people who are part of it. Important people such as special guests and convention directors were roaming about taking in the sites and essentially maintaining order as there was no real need for bodyguards. At a larger show, it would be nearly impossible to get within twenty feet of a special guest you wanted to talk to. Or you would only catch a glimpse of them as they sneaked away behind a big guy or two trying to get away from their signing booth. Not to mention that you will likely never find upper management for a convention roaming around; which made the accessibility to the directors that much more of a treat!

Atmosphere is always the defining point in making or breaking a con. Seeing as everyone was rushing about and having a good time doing it, I’d say this con made the cut. Dancing broke out on numerous occasions, Pokéwalkers lit up the night sky..I mean…people linked up their poke walkers…From 10 am to 3 am there was a room with non-stop anime playing with shows such as Read or Die, Trinity Blood, Gunslinger Girl  and tons more! Seriously…there were at least 30 or 40 things playing. (There might’ve been some hentai **AUGH tentacle**) Anyone catch that part about the maid café?

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