Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 24, 2010

[UPDATE] Halo: Reach Limited Edition Elite Armor Giveaway

Alright you loyal readers out there! GamerFront is ready to giveaway another awesome prize! I am offering up the Special Edition Elite Multiplayer Armor from my own Limited Edition of Halo: Reach. How do you obtain this amazing swag? Simple. Add GamerFront on Facebook, and like this post. Next Friday we will randomly select the winner from all of the people who add us and like the post. The contest will be held on Facebook, not here. Simple, huh?

The swag prize includes:

  • Elite Armor for use in multiplayer
  • Falcon Avatar accessory
  • Special Limited Edition Emile Trading Card (it’s metal and shiny!)

We will personally send you this card, with which you can redeem the code to claim your prize! We thank you for coming to the site and reading our content! You guys keep us going!

[UPDATE:] After a week has passed in the contest, we have our winner – Alan Cummings! Thanks to you all for participating! Come back for future giveaways! Thanks to all of our readers! You make us who we are.

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