Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 21, 2010

Hideo Kojima Wants A Brand New Game Next Year

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show we didn’t see a new Hideo Kojima title, which surprised us all. What Kojima did showcase was a seven-minute Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trailer that the Metal Gear mastermind edited himself. Looking up for Kojima’s hopes, he will have a bigger role at next year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Over Twitter Level-5’s Jiro Ishii praised Kojima for his efforts in the development of the new trailer. Kojima responded with “Next year, I’d like to show my very own new game rather than just editing.”

If you’ve been following Kojima via Twitter, then you would know that he has been “teasing” a new game for months. Is this what he is speaking of? Is it a new Metal Gear? We don’t know, and won’t until September 2011. Oh, how our minds are racing.


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