Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 14, 2010

Our Halo: Reach Launch Event Coverage

Yes. It’s finally here. Halo: Reach released today, and millions attended launch parties all around the world. Even the fine folks here at GamerFront know how to get their launch party on, because we attended one of our own. Here is a bit about how our launch party went, and the great time that we all had last night.

Our launch event was held at the local Applebee’s here in Bloomington, IN. Gamestop along with Applebee’s set up a pretty sweet event. We had about 5 tv’s set up, all with Xbox 360’s and copies of Halo 3. There was a Halo 3 elimination tournament, which was extremely fun. The tournament consisted of four-player free-for-all matches on Narrows. The first player in the matches to 10 kills was declared the winner of that round. We had brackets that were set up, and we eventually got to the finals. It basically ended up being the people from the bar area (who were plenty of inebriated from the drink specials Applebee’s had) and the people from the non-bar area. While the tournament was going on, the open tv’s were free to play on. We played countless matches of slayer, capture the flag, and team slayer. It was a great event to meet people and come together for celebration.

Of course the people in the bar area were getting their drink on. Applebee’s featured drink specials, such as $3 Long Island Iced Teas, as well as $3 Jager Bombs which they called “Frag Grenades”. Also they offered $4 appetizers for the entirety of the event. There were plenty of mozzarella sticks and buffalo wings floating around for everyone. It seemed like everybody was coming together and having a good time – laughing and carrying on amidst the slaughter at the gaming stations. I met a lot of really cool people, and made a lot of good friends. All of the waitresses and waiters at Applebee’s were extremely helpful and friendly. They were on top of their game so-to-speak.

Soon enough, though the finals came. It ended up being Dan, who was representing all of the bar warriors, versus three guys from the non-bar area. Needless to say Dan was a champion for us drinkers everywhere. The match ensued, with cheers and yells filling the air. We were all standing at the gaming stations watching with sheer excitement. It really hit all of us at heart when we witnessed every Battle Rifle round take a victim, every Plasma Grenade stick to a player, as well as every Sniper round that claimed a headshot. It was an amazing experience, and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves.

Soon enough the finals match was over with. Everyone who made it to the finals received a prize. Gamestop and Applebee’s handed out Halo: Reach posters, t-shirts, Microsoft Points, a limited edition Halo: Reach strategy guide, and even a remote-controlled Warthog! The players quickly nabbed their prizes, shook hands, and continued laughing, reviewing the match. We all gathered together in enjoyment of the matches, and each other’s company.

After the finals match was over it was up to us to get to the other side of College Mall to wait in line to pick up our own copies of Halo: Reach. Gamestop had a neat and organized system for processing the customers to pick up their copies of the game. We were in and out in a flash. Numerous people – I would say around 400 at least – gathered in this area in the mall to meet, talk, and wait in line. Gamestop held remote-controlled Warthog races, which were amazing to watch. It really broke up the monotony of waiting in line.

Some people even showed up in costume. I was lucky enough to grab a photo with one of these guys, dressed up. We all gathered together to celebrate the release of this year’s most anticipated title – Halo: Reach. We all had an amazing time, and I can’t wait to attend another event.

Here are some photos of the event for your viewing pleasure:

GamerFront would like to thank the staff of Applebee’s as well as Gamestop for putting on this event. We would love to attend more of these events, as should all of you if you get the chance to come up to Bloomington. With tons of drink specials, half-priced appetizers, and video games, what more do you need?

All of this footage and event coverage was made possible by the combined efforts of Applebee’s Bloomington and Gamestop/EB Games College Mall.

I would also like to thank the Spartan who allowed me to take a photo with him, and for his permission to show it here.

[All photography courtesy of Xenographics Tattoos/Fine Art Studio]

Applebee’s Bloomington on Facebook.

Gamestop official website.

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