Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 22, 2010

Real Life Halo ATVs? And You Can Win One?

The New Zealand company responsible for making the live working Halo Warthog, Weta Workshop, is also making a couple of Halo ATVs (Mongooses) that look, work, and sound just like their in-game counterparts. Microsoft has been talking with Weta to get a couple of these babies up and running, and you can win one. That’s right.

These two ATVs are two Reach-inspired 420cc working machines that can be won via sweepstakes. This means that you and your friends are seriously going to have to down some Mountain Dew and crunch on some Doritos to earn your chance to win one of these sweet rides.

Other prizes can be won at the Honor The Code sweepstakes page, so go on over and have a look. Otherwise, you better get to cracking on the cheesy snack food and soda consumption, then come give me a ride. We’ll have a blast.


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