Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 6, 2010

Captain America: Super Soldier Is Coming

Sega has just announced that they will be releasing Captain America: Super Soldier, which is based on an original written story set in the World War II era, for all platforms less the PC.

Senior Vice President of Marketing Gary Knight gave us a few words about the game in a press release:

“Captain America: Super Soldier puts players in the boots of the ultimate Super-Soldier, wielding Captain America’s legendary shield. Working closely with Marvel ensures we’re delivering the caliber product that gamers and comic fans deserve and it’s a partnership we’re proud of here at SEGA.”
The story behind the game is being produced by Christos Gage, who happens to be the writer for Marvel’s “Avengers: The Initiative” comic series. The game is not related to the upcoming movie, but it is set in the same world in which Captain America will battle against villains such as Cross, Arnim Zola, Red Skull, and Hydra.
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