Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 13, 2010

EA Games Scares Away Worries That Dead Space 2 Won’t Be Scary

The original Dead Space had me on the edge of my comfy lazy chair, jumping at every little noise I heard in the house. The silence in the game is what made it spooky and chilling. EA has already let us know that the second in the series will be louder, and more in your face. Also, Isaac will be more independent and better armed. But some fans are worrisome that this will take away from the fright that the game produces.

Kevin Kimball, a product marketer for EA filled us in and attempted to relieve us from or worries about the game while in New York last week.”There will be big hero moments,” he said. He also stated that there will be big loud moments, but with much better pacing, as he explained, there will be big scares.

He continued, “there will be moments where you’re walking around and there’s not much going on. You’ll wonder what is going on, expect something to jump out at you and it won’t. Then we will hit you with a big scare.” The way he describes this makes me feel like the game sound like it will be very suspenseful, which will produce the scares.

I don’t know about you, but when there is a lot of sound I can’t concentrate. Add to that screaming aliens coming at me that want to tear me apart? Okay, I am scared. Kimball was trying to get across that with bigger sound, comes bigger suspense, which breeds bigger scares. I hope this has helped wash away some of the worries that you fans have out there. I still can’t wait to see the game.


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