Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 11, 2010

Harmonix Reminisces On Older Projects For The Future

Harmonix is in no way denying the press that Rock Band 3 is getting with it’s new keyboard peripheral and those spiffy new fancified guitars. CEO Alex Rigopulos spoke on behalf of the company and explained that they are in no way in any danger of creative drought. “There is a lot of creative terrain to explore with Rock Band,” Rigopulos informed, “new forms of interaction between the player and the music. We still have some very exciting things planned.”

Earlier in the interview Rigopulos was explaining that the studio team had brainstormed on the thought of returning to their roots with earlier rhythm games, such as Amplitude and Frequency. Rigopulos went on to explain, “In terms of rhythm-action-type games focused on electronica, that’s something we’d love to come back to at the right moment in time. Or something completely new focused on that style of music.”

This kind of reminds me of the whole Vocaloid style of music. I would love to see a Frequency or Amplitude reboot, all with some new music to breakdance to. With new peripherals such as the Playstation Move and Xbox 360 Kinect, we can only imagine what will come from the Harmonix Studio.


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