Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 11, 2010

Konami Brings X-Men Arcade To XBLA And PSN

Arcades aren’t what they used to be, what with consoles being so readily available to everyone. Back in the 90’s, this wasn’t the case so much. Games like Final Fight, TMNT and X-Men ate many of my quarters during these times. The most frustrating part is that with many of the arcade games of these times, you never really got closure. Yes, Final Fight had a great port to the SNES, and TMNT had a really crappy port as well. However, until now, X-Men has remained untouched. Yes, I said until now.

Konami has decided that it is high time that the mighty Marvel team has their shot at the XBL Arcade and PSN. What they didn’t decide is to actually give us solid details past that. What I want to know is whether we can actually get full six-player co-op action going on again. That would be epic.


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