Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Oct 26, 2010

Monster Match

If you’re fond of Halloween, like matching games, and have a dollar to put towards your iTunes account, I might just have a game for you.

Mighty Fun Apps new game:  Monster Match is a game that has a few similarities to Bejeweled. Ok, so it’s pretty much a matching game, but it’s fun and all the monsters are adorable. Even Satan looks cuddly. :] Witches, zombies, black cats, ghosts, and a bunch of other Halloween favorites have been made huggable-cute and it is your duty to match up three or more to some snazzy Halloween music.

You can navigate your way through classic mode with six boards to play through that are represented by black owls. You can only reclaim owls by getting 1,000 pts, and when all of them are gone it’s game over. Or you may want to play through timed which gives you 5 minutes to accumulate as many points as possible.

It’s quite fun to play while on the bus, at home, or a time drain if things are slow at work …shh

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