Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 21, 2010

PlayStation Plus Users Gain Access To Full MAG Trial Today

It’s most definitely true that PlayStation Plus subscribers have been getting a lot of awesome bonus content as of late, and Sony intends on keeping the process rolling without a hitch. Just after the PlayStation Network update today, a “Full Game Trial” of MAG (Massive Action Game) will be available to all PlayStation Plus subscribers as a download in the Plus section of the PlayStation Store. Unlike most other Plus content, though, subscribers will have access to this download as long as their memberships are active.

Here’s the obvious catch: the download is only a trial. Though players will be able to play against actual owners of the game online for as long as they wish, the full-game trial has a level cap. Players will only be able to level their MAG character up to 8, which is enough to unlock the game’s 256-player online mode. Any and all experience that players gain after level 8 will go unrewarded until the full game is purchased, which will cost $30 for a full digital license.

The level cap means that there can be no more advancement, true, but it also means players can’t change their faction, or become squad leaders. If players want to keep playing for free, they will just have to be alright with the fact that there will be no advancement.

Go ahead. Be the best level-8 soldier of all MAG history.


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