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Review – Splitfish FRAGFX SHARK Gaming Mouse

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I was called into the office the other day, and was handed something I’d never laid eyes on before. What was handed to me was the Splitfish FRAGFX SHARK gaming controller for use with the PlayStation 3, PC, and Mac. I looked down in awe of just how cool the thing looked, and I imagine I looked back up with the eyes of the Nintendo kid on Christmas. I immediately rushed down to the gameplay area and set up to start testing the controller. The SHARK is meant to be used with FPS games mainly, and it does its job perfectly. Here’s my review of the Splitfish FRAGFX SHARK gaming controller, for your viewing pleasure.

Versatile, Yet Stable

When I first attempted to use the SHARK, I will admit that I was confused. I had never really used one of these types of controllers before, and it looked a bit odd. I had heard of these types of controllers before, and I was told that they severely enhance gaming fortitude and accuracy, especially in FPS games. Oh, how true this came out to be. The SHARK came packaged as follows:

  • the gaming mouse
  • left-hand control pad
  • USB plug-and-play adapter
  • hard-bottom Splitfish mouse pad

I was extremely happy with the plug-and-play ability, because I literally had to just plug the USB adapter in, and I was able to play immediately. The PS3 recognized the controller almost instantly, and it worked perfectly. I loaded up Killzone 2 and was ready to give this controller a run for its money.

The key features of this controller are listed on the Splitfish website as follows:

• 2 AA batteries (not included)
• NEW 50h + play time
• NEW 500h + power save standby
• Mouse 1750 DPI resolution
• Play with the mouse on the PS3 as you would do on a PC
• Full PS3, PC and MAC support, either as a gamepad or mouse/keyboard control
• Fast access to special features (eg macro, rapid-fire, button swap, stick swap, etc.)
• Brand new wireless technology to 2.4 GHz
• Plug and Play
• NEW dead zone adjustment wheel
• SixAxis support

The mouse pad that came with the SHARK is great, because of its hard bottom. This makes it easy to set the mouse in your lap, on the couch beside you, or wherever you see fit. I found it easy to set the mouse beside me, because it made for a far easier range of motion with my right arm. The left and right mouse buttons corresponded to the “R1” and “R2” triggers on the PS3 controller, which was perfect for FPS games. With the triangle, square, circle, and x buttons located on the left side of the mouse, it was a perfect place to set your thumb for easy button-pressing in time of need.

The analog controller fit perfectly in my left hand, and it was extremely comfortable. Access to the “L1” and “L2” triggers was made easy, and the small grip made the controller feel easier to have in my control. The analog stick was topped with four ridges so that my left thumb set perfectly in the middle of the stick, allowing for easy movement, and it prevented my thumb from slipping off of it. On the analog controller is a d-pad, that is perfect for accessing menu options, and making changes to the controller on the fly.

Miscellaneous Specs, and Visual Aspects

Located on the left-hand analog controller is a spin dial that sets the controller’s sensitivity. I had to have mine turned all the way down to zero (which is the highest sensitivity) in order to use it easily, but the spin dial makes for easy adjustments on the fly. The d-pad also has the ability to change button mapping, assign macros, and switch the analog sticks to suit your play style. With the start, select, and PlayStation buttons at your quick disposal, this controller has everything you need, literally at your fingertips.

Plus, one of the most awesome aspects of this controller is the way it looks. The graphics on it make the controller a definite collectible to have in anyone’s gaming arsenal. The thing seriously looks beast.

The only issues I had with the SHARK were finding a comfortable position to play in, and adjusting sensitivity. With the first issue, I found myself placing the mouse on a coffee table, armrest, and eventually setting it beside me. Once I found a comfortable position, though, I was set for life. The second issue I found was not mainly a controller issue as much as it was a game issue. The game’s sensitivity needs to be turned up in order to have access to quick aiming, and skill shooting. Once I was comfortable with a setting, I was able to get used to the controls very quick. I tried out multiple games, and found that I needed to adjust the sensitivity differently depending on the game I was playing. All in all, though, the SHARK provided the best gaming experience I’ve had with an FPS controller.

The Verdict

Honestly, the Splitfish FRAGFX SHARK did exactly the job it was supposed to do. Taking only two AA batteries to operate, and with 50+ play hours on a single battery set, it’s a long-lasting controller that I will use constantly. The SHARK’s ability to instantly plug-and-play make it a necessity in every gamer’s arsenal. With the SixAxis control and adjustable controls, button mapping, and sensitivity, the SHARK is perfect for any play style. I definitely recommend that you pick one up for yourselves. It will cost you a hefty $89.99, but it is money very well spent. I will use this controller for many, many gaming sessions to come.

Head on over to the Splitfish website to take a look at the FRAGFX SHARK for yourselves.

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