Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Dec 3, 2010

Rock Band 3 MIDI PRO Adapter Lets Your Bring Your Real Instruments Into The Game

Rock Band 3 really blurs the line between video game and musical training software. With this latest installment, you can play songs with very realistic instruments. Namely the guitar, drums and keyboard. So lets say you’re someone that already plays the keyboard or drums, or perhaps you’re just learning. Either way, imagine that you have your own instrument. Do you really want to go drop even more money for a cheaper version just to play with the game? Likely not. Well now you don’t have to.

The new Mad Catz Midi Pro Adapter allows you to plug in a MIDI keyboard or drum kit directly to your console (Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360) and have it recognized as a pro instrument for the game. Each adapter will feature the necessary buttons and d-pad that will allow you to navigate the game’s menus. The Wii and PS3 versions are now shipping with the Xbox 360 version following closely behind. Each will retail for $40.


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