Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 1, 2010

With A Second Kinect You Can Map Out Your Bedroom In 3D

With one Kinect camera we can see part of our surroundings in 3D, while with two Kinect cameras we can generate 3D models of our surroundings.

The mastermind behind the first series of these videos, Oliver Kreylos, has gotten a hold of a second Kinect camera and he has used it to map out a full 3D model of his bedroom. There aren’t any dark shadows or “black holes” that plagued his first video, except for a few empty spots that could be fixed with more cameras, or so we think. What Kreylos has created here is perhaps the most intuitive and exciting Kinect demo of them all.

Check out the video below. With Kinect, we see now that it is possible to create your own levels, based on rooms of your house? Where will it go from here?


Written by Raine Hutchens

Raine comes from the mystical land of Indiana. Introduced to tabletop gaming at a young age, he quickly picked up video games and developed a passion for all things gaming. Raine has been writing all his life, and finally put that skill to use when he gained the opportunity to follow his passion with GamerFront in 2010. Raine’s Twitter can be found here.

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