Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 13, 2011

Mass Effect 2 Will Launch On The PlayStation Network As Well As On Disc

For those of you out there who just love owning games without the messiness of keeping up with cases, we have a treat for you. The much-anticipated RPG from BioWare, Mass Effect 2, is set to launch on the PlayStation 3 on January 18th on Blu-Ray disc as well as on the PlayStation Network. BioWare has confirmed this information via the PlayStation Blog, along with some other neat goodies about the upcoming release.

The downloadable version of the game is set to include the “Overlord,” “Lair of the Shadowbroker,” and “Kasumi” DLC packs, but has not been priced. The on-disc version will carry the $60 price tag as usual, and will carry the DLC as well.

I know I will be eventually picking this up for myself, just to play on the PS3 to experience the epic tale once again. Won’t you?


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