Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jan 27, 2011

Organic Armor Interview

Organic Armor

A week ago we had the extreme honor of being able to go the Organic Armor Studio and see some of their work close up. Who are they you ask? Well, they make armor that is squishy; from the best way I can put it. We got to hear their personal story of how they got to where they are today, and how they’ve branched out from there. It’s always amazing to see exquisite work first-hand!

A big question some of you may ask is why did we interview this company? The answer to that question is that we think that they are awesome.  Plain and simple. Not to mention we have seen some of their work bring our world of video games to life, such as Tali from Mass Effect.

GamerFront is all about getting a closer look into all things gaming related, with a little cosplay thrown in for good measure. Just as video game designers create an imaginative world for you to be in virtually, Organic Armor brings you an inspired world to live in. The following is a little bit of what we experienced there.

Edited by: Suton Edens
Filmed by: Chris Barr and Caitlyn Muncy

[ Organic Armor ]

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