Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Apr 28, 2011

Anime St. Louis

When you go to a convention, there are several things you expect to see. Celebrity guests, a good gaming room, and LOTS of nerds are some of the more prevalent. Going to smaller conventions are nice and quiet as the attendance is small and the guests usually keep to themselves. Well, I can definitely say first hand that Anime St Louis (although pleasant) was anything but quiet! It was AWESOME! There were some amazing guests there such as Kent Williams, Todd Haberkorn, and TeamFourStar. If you love anime even the tiniest inkling, this was the place to be.

Even if anime and voice actors aren’t really your favorites, there were two giant rooms specifically sanctioned for video gamers and tabletop gamers. A DDR machine was found in the room with tons of consoles, with some very talented dancing acts to boot!

The only qualms I have with this convention are that there was some scheduling snafus that left some people in a bit of a panicked state. There were so many talented people there, that many of the panels were happening all at once and being moved here and there. Fans who specifically came to see one voice actor got there too late on some occasion. Other than that, things really were spot on, amazing artists in the vendor room, awesome costumes, and informative and/or hilarious panels to attend.

Seeing as we always like to take to the side of humor, we may just post one of the 18+ panels we attended put on by TeamFourStar. But that’s only if you all behave. Until then, enjoy these costume photos!

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