Posted by Chasity Edens on Apr 14, 2011

SupaBoy Gives Handheld Power To Classics

Ever wanted to play your classic SNES games while on the go? Now you can. How so, you make ask? Simple! Hyperkin has come out with a new hand held device they like to call, “SupaBoy”.

The most interesting part of this little hand held game-boy wanna-be is the fact that it keeps to legal terms. Rather than using downloads or emulators, the player gets to put the actual old SNES cartridge in the top of the hand-held gaming system. To add in a little more retro goodness, take note also of the two old controller plug ins right beneath the built in buttons.

For a simple 79.99$, it sounds pretty worth it to me. I’d love to re-live the good days of old school Zelda and Mario while waiting for the bus to pick me up. Want to order one for yourself? Check it out here.


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