Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jun 3, 2011

E3 2011 Coverage, And A Contest Sponsored By NZXT!

As we all know, next week is one of the most important weeks in the gaming world. Press conferences will be held, new games and hardware will be announced. That’s right, E3 is coming, and GamerFront is going to be right there in the thick of things, bringing you the latest news, right from the show floor.

These days the show is closed off to the general public, which means that most of you won’t be able to attend. That’s why we’re going to be bringing you coverage all week. What’s more, we’ve teamed up with the people at NZXT to bring one of you a special prize for tuning in to our coverage.

One lucky winner will receive an NZXT Prize Pack, which consists of a Phantom, Sentry LXE and Bunker. This means that you’ll not only have a great case, but also a nice LCD fan controller, and a set of locking USB ports, which ensures that no one can run off with your keyboard or mouse when you’re at a LAN event.

So how do you enter? When you’re reading through our coverage of the show (they will all be tagged as E3 2011), just drop a comment on one of the articles. At the end of the week we will select an article at random, and then a comment from the selected piece. That means that you’ll be able to enter as many times as we post. So stop by often, and comment frequently!

Disclaimer – The contest is only open to US residents.

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  • 4bs

    I like this contest. I am pumped for this years E3 too.

  • todd sims

    A contest for freebies, yea! I hope this post also counts even though the E3 has yet to start!

  • http://Main Molls Ballz

    E3 COVERAGE! FTW! Gamerfront is awesome!

  • Brian

    NZXT, their stuff is great. Hell yeah count me in. Besides I am dieing for E3 info.

  • epsipepsi

    I would love a new case!

  • ryan Woirol

    Can’t Wait for E3

  • http://3718EastMecateRd GonzoBobH

    Gamerfront, eh.. I am always looking for a new gaming site to advance my edification.

    Let the coverage begin!


  • bbxl

    Looking forward to the coverage!

  • Johnal

    Sweet, Gamerfront! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • vermiliondrug

    Woo, E3 is awesome! Nice to see these guys putting up some really nice prizes! :D

  • JonnyHernandez


    top 2 in e3 so far is EA. sony.

  • Prime


  • Han Joon Hwang

    whooooo sounds awesome :) can’t wait to see what’s in store for E3 this year XP

  • Shiloh Schardt

    Sweet E3 news i think so and gifts sweet!

  • Shiloh Schardt

    NZXT pack i think so just amazing people 3\E3 is going to be amazing :)

  • Andy42

    I hope that this counts towards the contest, but man, I love E3

  • Almin A

    Thanks for the contest, good luck to everyone.

    Since I’ve heard about NZXT, their stuff is pretty awesome, looks high quality, even if I don’t win anything, I plan on buying from them in the future because of how good quality their products look.

  • pablo g

    i want this case!!

  • wut

    i do like the look the touch screen fan controller gives with the white casee, sorta a retro TV look…

  • jj_Sky5000

    woot E3 !!!!! game on

  • Javier1080p

    Thanks so much Gamerfront, this is a sweet contest.!

  • http://5930Alainrue Gary S

    Nice prizes. Is this open to everyone?

  • http://5930Alainrue Gary S

    Oops, just noticed US only.

  • turkeyfox

    Very nice contest, super exciting.

  • TheCewb


  • Alan Tong (Omega Doom)

    OMG! Awesome contest!! Though there is a ton of E3 2011 articles!! oh well.. good luck every1!

  • John McDonald

    Only open to US is not Fair!