Posted by Braxton Colongione on Jun 7, 2011

E3 Reveal: Turtle Beach XP500 [E3 2011]

Whether its the fact that you can hear foot steps creeping up behind you, or a better sense of where sounds are coming from, most gamers will almost always choose a headset over speakers in a competitive setting.

Today at E3 , Turtle Beach Debuted their new XP500 Programmable wireless gaming headset with Dolby 7.1 surround sound and wireless Xbox 360 chat. From the list of features the headset looks impressive. The XP500 offers 18 customizable presets. You can download the Advanced Sound Editor software and make your own presets, or if your too impatient to make you own, upload any number or presets from the Turtle Beach website.

The XP500 is also the first to offer completely wireless Xbox chat via an Xbox Chat Adapter so you no longer need to plug your headset into your controller. It also enables multiple device pairing so you can listen to music or answer a call from any blue tooth enabled device. Another interesting feature is the Sonic Lens with Sound Field expander, which allows you focus in on difficult to hear sounds such as foot steps or the jostling of equipment. Now when your batter is low no longer will you have to find out by a easily missed beep or the headset turning off, on the XP500 when your battery level is low, a voice comes on and tells you, a much better system than used in most headsets.

All in all I’m expecting a great headset with the XP500, and with $269.99 price tag it better be. Look for it this fall, I know I will be.




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