Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 17, 2011

The Gears of War Movie May Not Be Happening

Since 2008 there has been a Gears of War movie in development. To this date we have yet to see any news, or information on the development status on the film. The movie originally had a 2010 release date, which didn’t happen. Now it looks like the whole movie won’t either.

Falling in line with most other Hollywood starter films, it’s having a lot of issues getting off the ground. Around a year or so ago the film ran into a handful of personal problems, and it reportedly hasn’t gotten any better. Even Cliff Bleszinski says it’s “in development hell right now.”

Adding to the statement, Cliff says, “Who knows what’ll happen. It took however many years for Peter Jackson to make Lord of the Rings. Hollywood is a complicated beast. There’s all sorts of weirdness going on with who’s working on it, what’s going on here and there. But, hopefully it happens. Maybe the Gears 3 success will generate more interest in it. I’d love to see it. I’d rather have a movie that’s great and true to the franchise, than a movie that sucks. I’d rather not have a movie, than a movie that sucks.”

Cliff has a point. After the success of the Gears of War series, and all of the dedicated fans it’s built, the last thing he would want is a mediocre film tainting it. I would love to see a Gears movie, in fact, I hope it does make it to the silver screen. If anything’s worth waiting for, it’s this movie. What do you think?


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