Posted by Braxton Colongione on Jun 28, 2011

Tuesday Tech Tips Of The Week: Getting The Upper Hand In Halo Matchmaking

Getting the upper hand in any Halo game is generally only thought possible by modding or glitching (Both of which are bad ideas and can get you banned). But you don’t have to risk losing you XBL privileges to get an advantage. There are numerous ways to safely and honestly give your game little something extra. This week’s tips still in honor of Bungie week will be about all the honest ways to have an edge in your favorite Halo titles.

Wired controllers: Xbox 360 uses a 2.4 GHz Protocol, much like a cordless home phone. The 2.4 GHz has a latency of about 4 milliseconds, which any serious Halo player will tell you can be the difference between getting a melee kill and being one. So I recommend wired controllers for anyone looking for a slight edge.

Know your maps, weapon silhouettes, sounds and locations: This one for the most part is common knowledge. If you don’t know where to find the good weapons you can’t use the good weapons. It also helps to know the likely spots for campers and snipers. The two deadliest strategies as long as you don’t know where they are. Weapon sounds are another great thing to know, say you have a pistol and your hear what you think is a sniper rifle fire from around the corner, you run in to make short work of your enemy only to be surprised by a DMR to the face, point: know your gun fire. Silhouettes are another one to know, it allows you to quickly discern what weapon you enemy is carrying so you know how to engage said enemy.

Headsets: A good headset can be an invaluable tool in the brutal world of Halo matchmaking. A headset can allow you to hear not only the footsteps of someone creeping up behind you, but if those footsteps are to the left or right.

Specialty Controllers: Companies these days are making specialty controllers that remap some or all of the buttons. My personal favorite is the N-Control Avenger (Check out my review of the Avenger later today to learn more about it). There is also the Razer Onza and several companies make an adapter that allows you to use a mouse and keyboard, all take time to get used to. I use the Avenger, it took my K/D ratio from .73 to .84 in a week and a half. Whichever controller you pick, with some practice and patience it will become your greatest weapon, unless you have the energy sword… Man I hate that thing.

With all four of these tips in mind and in hand I would say within a week your Halo fragging will vastly improve. Thanks for checking out this week’s Tuesday Tech Tips! Swing in next week for another round, until then happy fragging and have a great Bungie week.


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