Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 27, 2011

RuneScape Introduces Clan Citadels Expansion

A brand new expansion in for the largely popular Free-To-Play MMO RuneScape was just released by Jagex Games Studio. It’s entitled the “Clan Citadels” expansion, and it brings a majorly awesome feature to friends in clans residing in the game. Clans will now be able to own their personal customizable castle that will float in the sky, serving as a beacon for all others to see.

Clan Citadels are set to break the mold for group gaming in MMOs by offering players unmatched customization and freedom to create user-generated multiplayer content. Clans choose from four initial Citadel layouts and propel their Citadel into glorious sunshine or perpetual night. Players then have unrestricted customization options for their castle keep, and can add a range of banners and flags, flying the colors of their clan for all to see. Each clan’s Citadel can be upgraded through seven tiers, unlocking more space, skilling hotspots, impressive elements and special features. These include skilling zones, portal grounds, meeting areas, a senate, dragon perch, and party room.

Also included in the expansion is a new clan battlefields feature. This feature offers sandbox environments that allow clans to generate their own gameplay. The Battleground Editor allows players to generate their own combat scenarios and multiplayer games. Clans can create any activity, including simple capture-the-flag games, deathmatches, ball games, and mazes, or any combination of these. The expansion comes in a free update, which has already made the game appeal to even more players than before. For more information on the expansion, head over to the RuneScape official site. What do you think about the news? Are you a RuneScape player?

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