Posted by Braxton Colongione on Aug 4, 2011

Curtain Call On The Era Of The Game Boy

Almost every gamer remembers getting their first hand held, whether it was an original Game Boy, a Sega Game Gear, or the Game Boy Advance. Getting a hand held was a right of nerd passage. With that said, I hate to say that it looks as if the day of the dedicated hand held is coming to a close.

There are several signs of the decline of the dedicated handheld, one being the rather large price cut of the 3DS, along with the reveal of the new PSP, with its far from standard handheld features. It looks like if console developers wants to keep the handheld alive, they need to take the “dedicated” out of the equation.

Many have speculated as to what caused the downfall of Game Boy-esqe handhelds, whether it was lack of features, the iPhone and Android, or just a “falling out” with the device. Whatever the reason I hope if anyone has a trick up their sleeve, it’s Nintendo. They brought handheld gaming to life; it’s only fitting that they be the ones to resurrect it.


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