Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Aug 22, 2011

Escape Plan

Gamescom has brought us several sneak peaks to new or upcoming games, and one that may have slipped through the cracks is Escape Plan for PSVita. This is really a little game, but has a lot of personality from the looks of it.

Set up as a black and white platform game, you play as one of the two main characters called Lil and Laarg. It’s a world of puzzles and you must escape, or be blasted to bits in a mess of what looks like ink. It actually seems pretty gory, but the black and white aesthetic gives it the illusion that it’s not. As Lil you can inflate yourself and float up and around, and as Laarg you can barrel through walls and send a shock wave out from jumping up and down.

While I’m excited to see this game in action, I’m a little concerned about how the game will actually play. It seems that the characters are controlled by swiping the screen, which can be annoying if you happen to accidentally touch it. It seems comical enough, and has a very interesting art style. The faces of these characters are reminiscent of No-Face from Spirited Away. Hopefully it’s fancy art styles and snazzy music are as much fun as the game play, but we won’t know that until it’s out and about.


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