Posted by Braxton Colongione on Aug 30, 2011

Mario Meets Aperture In Mari0

Who doesn’t love Mario, and every one would love to have a portal gun, so coming eventuall is Mari0. Mari0 is a  Super Mario Bros. esq game that involves a portal gun. I stumbled across it today and it looks pretty cool.

While surfing the net I found a fun little video of Mari0. At first glance it looks like just a video but then upon reading the description I found that it is an actual game being developed. The game is not a mod and is going to be free. It will also offer map editor and map packs through in game download. There will be portal type puzzles in the levels as well.

I always love to see unique games from smaller companies. From the video the game seems like it would be a good time. The levels look well designed and the gameplay appears smooth. I know I will be downloading Mari0 when it releases.


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