Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 19, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic Will See Limited Copies At Launch

EA and BioWare want to ensure that players get the game they are expecting when the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic hits, and they’re putting a lot of work into the game. Along with this, they also want players to be able to play with little to no issues when they get their hands on it, which is why the companies are limiting the amount of purchasable downloads and hard copies of the game that will launch.

We don’t know how many of each type will be available, and we’re still waiting on details. Of course BioWare and EA don’t want servers to crash across the nation when so many MMO players attack the game, which makes this strategy seem sound. Still, having to explain why downloads are sold out will be quite difficult.

Ultimately it’s an effort to help aid the game in any way possible, though it will still upset some fans. This is all the more reason to get into your local game store and put a pre-order down on the title. No mentions of limited pre-orders were made, so I assume that’s still safe. Either way, what do you think about this move?


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